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Use your own risk!!


Finally its made, atmega update to version 5.48

Not tested by me, but many says its OK. Use your own risk!!

Take backup before reprogramming.

How: Reprogram atmega. Then installing software 5.48. Then in software, update. END.

Software was too big(forum limits), i removed it.

EDIT: Few members got Error "Unknow command.Software error" How know why....?

EDIT2: I added picture, how to connect another xprog for programming. Also need change fuse bits and lock bits. Pictures later. But those files maybe are bad. Need test more....

EDIT3: Now should working. Lock bits, Put the LB1 and LB2 false, else like in picture.

EDIT4: Still there is something wrong. Not work 100% yet!!!!

EDIT5:Files removed. Not solution yet found
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