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I brought home a CPO 2013 Cayenne base with 8,000 miles a few days ago. I like my 964 so I thought I'd give it the SUV a whirl. I test drove on snowy roads and everything seemed OK, but when I got on normal roads post purchase I noticed a vibration when slowing down and RPMs dropped to about 1700. I kicked it into neutral and the vibration stopped so it must be related to engine RPM. When stopped and in park I slowly raised the engine RPM and the vibration clearly starts at 1100 RPM and goes away at around 1700. Questions:

Has anybody else experienced this i.e am I nuts?

Could it be related to exhaust note in that RPM range?

I won't be able to get back to the dealer for a few days and I want to be prepared for that discussion. I love the way it drives and am kicking myself now (repeatedly) for not for not noticing on my test drive. Thanks for any help.
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