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How I Drove 13 Porsches in 8 Hours
by Colum Wood

How do you top a day spent behind the wheel of a Porsche? Easy, by spending a day behind the wheel of every Porsche currently on sale!

That’s just what the Porsche World Roadshow offers, giving prospective Porsche buyers a chance to sample all of the brand’s offerings, the way they were meant to be driven.

And for one day out of a dozen, media schleps were invited to experience just what being wooed by the world’s most iconic sports car company is like. That’s how I wound up hitting 0-60 mph in three seconds in a 911 Turbo S, sliding sideways in the 2014 Cayman S and winding up on three wheels in a Cayenne… all in the span of just a few hours.

With loads of seat time, the Porsche World Roadshow explores the many capabilities of the Porsche brand, from the race track to off-road driving.
Read the complete story on the Porsche World Roadshow Experience at AutoGuide.com

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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