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Vini from Bulgaria

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Hello everyone, my name is Vini I live in Bulgaria. 4 days ago I got my new Cayenne Turbo 2011 and I decide to became member of your forum, because in my country we dont have such a good forum like yours. I am sad to told you that today my Porsh goes in the service because I got a msg on the dash board "reduced power engine". I hope that it will not be a big problem. So, 10x guys :)
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welcome :)

I bet your loving your 2011 Porsche Cayenne Turbo, having a new Cayenne is always better than a older one!

I'm sure you will find others like yourself from your country on this forum.

Did you manage to get your Cayenne back from the shop yet with the problem fixed?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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