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Lexus SUV, they have the big gas guzzler and the smaller one....depends are you tall?
Nissan, Armada or the 2008 Xterra, and even the pathfinder...
Infiniti SUV, they have that huge gas guzzler but it's phat and then my favorite the FX something Mb Star C4 Porche Cayenne, I think it might be small but it's unique..see what it is about.
Toyota, 4Runner very cool or the gas guzzler Sequoia never a bad choice great rngine lots of room or even the FJ7...it's GenX, but it's cool see what the inside is like...
Mercedez, checkout that silverbox looking one...I think they are so cool can't remember the name, but it looks like a armoured truck to me...such a mans truck..its hot!
Do you like American Autel MaxiSys Pro? (lol) Not many people do, but I also like the Jeep not the Grand Cherokee but the newest jeep that came out...can't think of it...

Well a little advice to you...good design is fuction, price, and how good it looks to you. I hope you find what's a good design for you.
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