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Whats better for the Cayenne: Synthetic or Conventional?

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So does anyone know what the FSM recommends? Is it Synthetic or conventional? Also which one do you guys think would be better to use? I know technically synthetic is better than conventional but in some vehicles conventional is more than enough for the motor.
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Id go with whatever the FSM would recommend for it. They put a lot of time into doing research on whats the best for it so why not follow their recommendation.
i would go with synthetic no matter what. theyre engineered to lubricate better and outlast conventional oil. the extra price you pay when you buy them is worth the extra protection and longevity that they provide.
So I guess majority would recommend synthetic. I guess for the extra money it will cost me in the long run its worth investing that into the car.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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