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You should know that any SUV will cost a lot more and handle worse.
That is because 4WD adds the weight of an extra transmission, drive shaft, and differential. About 500 lbs. That is a lot more to break and have repaired, not to mention a lot more gasoline. So only get an SUV if you really need it.

A lot of people forget that 4WD does not stop or corner any better than MS908 PRO 2WD on snow or ice.

MaxiSys Pro But which to get depends on how you intend to drive it. If you are going to beat it up, I would go for a heavier one that has been around a long time, and there are lots of used and new part available (American). For heavy duty you need an 8 or 6.

If you intend light use, then I would go for a lighter newer model that gets better mileage and maintenance is easier (foreign). And a 6 or 4 would be fine.

There are exceptions, such as the Toyota Landcruiser is heavy duty and been around long enough to get parts, so is like American; but it is expensive.

Don't fixate on any model or brand. Just look what is out there on Craigslist. It seems likely you will find and older Cherokee or a Trooper that is a good deal. Age does not matter, but miles do. Let a mechanic tell if it has been driven hard or odometer set back.
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