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Will these aftermarket 21’ rims fit my 2020 cayenne base

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Hi everyone,
I’m looking for some advice. I recently bought a 2020 cayenne base model. I’m thinking of changing the rims to 21 inch exclusive design wheels. Original Porsche 21 inch exclusive design rims have the following specs:
Front 9.5Jx21 ET46
Rear 11Jx21 ET 58. Centre bore 71.6
I found brand new aftermarket 21 inch exclusive design rims with the following (slightly diffrent)specs:
Front 8.5Jx21 ET45
Rear 11Jx21 ET66. Centre bore 71.56
1) Wondering if you think the aftermarkets will fit (and won’t present any clearance or other issues) despite the rear offset having a 8mm difference (Porsche recommends ET58 vs aftermarket ET66)?
2) Also will the slight difference in Centre Bore (Porsche recommended CB 71.6 vs aftermarket 71.56) present a problem (or is this 0.04 difference simply porsche rounding off the measurement of the CB and publishing it as 71.6)?
3) Finally, if you do believe that these aftermarket rims will fit my 2020 cayenne base, would you then advise purchasing the following size tires (as Porsche recommends for their 21 inch exclusive design rims)
Front tires 275/40R 21 107v
Rear tires 305/35R 21 109v
OR would you recommend a different size tire?
If you could kindly let me know, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your time.
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No wheel expert here and not sure what specific wheel sizes you are quoting above, but you will find 21s will fit on your cayenne, at least these: 21x10 5x31. If that helps.
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