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Hi all,

I had to pull out the cowl cover on my 12 Cayenne S. A pain in the arse trying to remove it from the rail but now it seems impossible to put it back. I was able to slide it on both ends but the middle part is lose.
Treied to put the plastic in the rail but it doesn attach,

Any tricks?

Thank you

How I placed it back:

Cleaned the rail with electronics cleaning spray (air + liquid)
Lubed the rail
Slided the cover edges thru the rail to position
Make sure both of the central wipers shaft are in the center of their holes in the cowl
Place the plastic lip on the rail and try to press it, if it doesnt snap in dont worry.
Use a rubber mallet and the other plastic piece, the straight side (attached pic) to make the lid get in the rail
If it doesnt get in the rail, put the plastic piece in the rail where the lid is not snapping and run it across the rail just in case there is a plastic not fitting
Keep using the plastic piece and the mallet to snap in the entire plastic.
I did it from the center to the sides.
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