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A friend of mine has a 2005 Cayenne S with 105K miles on it. The NAVI/Stereo interface appears to have failed after about 3 months of owning it. He bought it at auction so he doesn't have a lot of cash tied up in it and it drives well and runs fine so as transportation, it does it's job. Here's the question though... He has been given a price of a bit more than 10% of the price he paid for the entire car so the question comes down to ... Is it worth repairing or should he simply replace it entirely?

Things have changed in his life and a different car would actually work better for him so he is even considering selling it. Should he replace/repair this unit or should he simply dump the SUV at the same auction he bought it from and let someone else deal with this issue?

PS - I don't think he has yet attempted any of the "quick fix" hints on this and other forums so it may still be possible to get it working temporarily and if that was a solution, he might even be able to have a dealer sell it at auction for him. What recommendations would you all have for my friend?
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