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Would you keep your Cayenne stock or modify it?

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are you the type of person to modify every vehicle you own? do you like to keep it just like how it rolled off the factory floor? whichever side of the coin youre own post up here and tell us why.
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I'm the type of person that I would already have parts for it even before I bought it. lol
I would wait until the warranty from the dealership expires. Then I would start modifying it. That way I wont risk losing my warranty over something so small.
For anyone that's worried about losing their warranty. As long as the part you installed doesn't have anything to do with what ever part would need warranty repair or replacement the dealership is legally binded to honor your warranty. So for example you install a new exhaust and there's a problem with the ignition system, they're still supposed to cover the warranty. Even if its actually related to the problem they still have to prove that the part you installed is related to what caused the problem.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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