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Hi everyone!
Just wanted to introduce myself as a new Porsche Cayenne Hybrid owner. I bought her about 4 weeks ago and I'm still breaking her in at 1600 miles.

Wow, this car is nothing short of amazing. It HAULS ASS in sport mode.

On day one, a rock flew up and cracked my windshield; I had a perfect replacement done with an OEM windshield. Hopefully not an indicator of the way my luck will go with this new car.

This is the only car I've ever had to use a ladder to wash! And I'm 6'3"!
I find the Cayenne is the hardest vehicle I've ever had to wash. Scrubbing all those ports is a challenge of contortionist proportions.

Im getting amazing mileage in the car. Some trips are 32-33 mpg but then again, I'm driving like a granny to break her in as per the recommendations in the manual.

What kind of mileage are you all getting?

It's nice to be here. Thanks for providing this forum of expression for newbies like me.

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